Saturday, 9 January 2010

What is “Cloud Computing”?

You see it everywhere and hear about “it” at every IT conference. Cloud computing is all the rage in IT trade publications, but what is cloud computing and how do you apply this to your business to save money?

The term "cloud" when combined with computing is a description of the internet. Cloud computing is offering a series of services over the internet. As a customer and consumer of IT services, no one needs to impress upon you the value of saving time and resources by receiving timely and accurate service when you need it most.

When your network goes down, the printer jams, or a new employee needs assistance with the latest security download your company is loosing valuable productivity time and revenue. Free your employees up and outsource these services to an IT provider who can offer you superior service and 24/7/365 availability for less than you would have to pay a part time employee.

There are several accepted forms for cloud (hosted internet) offerings available to customers from their IT providers today:

• Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
• Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
• Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and,
• Hardware-as- a-Service (HaaS)

How you purchase the services is up to you. You can be charged any number of ways: on the minutes used, based on the hours used, based on the number of users in a group; well you get the idea. You can also change these services as it suits your business and as it suits your growing needs. The great thing about virtual offerings is they are scalable.

With scalable offerings come a variety of the options available to your customers. You can choose from a practical a la carte menu of items that your IT provider offers. What works for you financially today may not be the most complete offering, but can grow with you as your business grows. This allows you to optimize your investments without paying for services you do not use.

At Sagari, Ltd we provide our customers with seamless integration when it comes to hardware, software, VOIP or technical support services.

Ready to learn more or receive detailed information on how Sagari and Cloud Computing can help your company? Contact today to assist you with your network and IT needs.

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